5 Problems Every DIY Project Encounters

5 Problems Every DIY Project Encounters

It’s all very well to undertake a DIY project in your home to challenge yourself, but when it comes to installing windows and doors, we suggest you leave that to the experts at Facelift Window &  Door Replacements.

However if you are looking to start a DIY project here are five problems that all DIY-ers should take into consideration before starting:

Time – Unfortunately time has a tendency to get away whilst immersed in a DIY project. This can severely hinder the project’s outcome so it’s important to plan well and set realistic goals and timelines before you begin.

Ability – It’s easy to confuse Ambition with Ability … underestimating the physical demands of a DIY project is easily done and can result in a world of pain.  Phone a friend!  Lift with your knees, not your back!

Miscalculation – A measuring tape is one of the most basic yet important gadgets in any tool box, but being just a centimeter out can wind up costing big bucks.  A simple mistake may blow your renovation budget out of the water. Measure twice cut once!

Weather – Whether the weather is a factor depends on the type of DIY project you’re undertaking.  If working outside never misjudge the power of a howling South-Westerly wind change, whether lifting heavy things or scaling a ladder…

Expertise – A lack of knowledge and experience may cost you dearly in the long run.  When planning to remove an old window or door first check what’s holding your roof up … some of the older 1950’s – 60’s homes use loadbearing windows to support the roof structure. 

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