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If you live in or near Melbourne, you probably want to make the most of the area’s unique, beautiful climate. If so, there’s no better way to enjoy the gorgeous outdoors than by adding alfresco rooms to your home.

At Facelift for Homes, we can transform your old living space into a beautiful, inclusive outdoor living space—all at the right price. Turn to us when you want to update your home, invite the outdoors in and maximise your home’s value.

Add Alfresco Rooms to Love Your Home Even More

If you’re feeling stagnant in your current home or you’re craving a new look, you don’t have to move to an entirely new location. Changing one older room into an alfresco room can transform your entire house by making it feel brighter, bigger and airier.

Adding an alfresco room is also more cost effective than moving. Give us the chance to transform your entire space into a new area you’ll love spending time in.

Learn About Our Process

When you contact us, we’ll look at your home and determine the best way to proceed for your unique structure and requirements. We’ll ask you what your expectations are for your alfresco room—do you want it principally for outdoor twilight entertainment on warm summer nights? Do you plan on hosting large gatherings of family and friends in your new space?

Once we have an idea of what you want your alfresco room to look like and how you want to use the space, we’ll get right to work.



Alfresco Rooms has become a “Must Have” for Melbourne homes – with our Four Seasons In A Day climate, the alfresco area is the perfect solution to enjoying extended and uninterrupted outdoor living!

The possibilities are virtually limitless. Letting your imagination run free, you can create the perfect haven to suit your lifestyle and please every member of the family – from a simple outdoor dining area to a fully kitted out kitchen complete with open air theatre and toasty fireplace!


Don’t Move – Improve!
Most new homes are constructed alfresco rooms as a standard feature and many have fully kitted out theatre rooms and outdoor kitchens; nothing that can’t be retro-fitted, we say! The housing affordability crisis in Melbourne is showing no signs of easing, making it hard to upsize as your need for more living area increases. The renovation option is proving far more affordable than selling up and buying back into the market, and money is still very cheap to borrow.

Home with one of our alfresco rooms in Melbourne

We started with structural alterations to accommodate our custom-made Bifold Doors and Stacker Doors leading out to the decks, patios and alfresco rooms.

Many of our clients had a vision toward creating the perfect alfresco room, but had started by doing their windows and doors first. Working with their visions, we’ve helped to design and build the very space to which we were creating access. We started developing some pretty good ideas of our own, looking beyond just decking and contemporary outdoor furniture, to creating the perfect alfresco space.

ODL 040

Adding a permanent weatherproof structure to your home not only creates an indoor-outdoor environment that can be enjoyed by family and friends all-year-round, but adds real value to your property.

Choosing the right materials is crucial for both visual appeal and practicality. Solarspan® roofing is a great choice where an insulated roof is needed and is perfect for low pitch flat patio roofs. Solarspan® roofing combines Colorbond® steel roof, superior insulation and ceiling panels which can be installed in long, unsupported spans. It provides optimum comfort and high performing insulation for patios, verandas, alfresco rooms

In Australian culture, nothing compares to relaxing outside on a balmy summer’s evening with friends and family enjoying good food and drinks in great company.

Of course it can’t be summer all year round, so when designing your alfresco room, consider how you’ll be using it. Will there be both adults and children, casual dinner parties and large gatherings? It’s important to plan for the future too – how will your investment impact the value of your home and its saleability?

ODL 041

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Once you have an idea of your perfect alfresco oasis, Facelift for Homes can work with you to turn your dreams into reality.

We can take care of all the hard work for you – including drafting, planning and permit applications. We have an amazing team of highly skilled, qualified tradies who genuinely enjoy creating amazing spaces.



We can build a niche for your TV and entertainment system, rock out a stunning fireplace, add an elevated dining level, dancefloor or karaoke stage!

We can help you create resort style living in your very own home.

Using a combination of materials and textures, and adding downlights, skylights, heaters and ceiling fans enhances the ambience of your outdoor oasis.



When entertaining, an integrated home entertainment system will provide relaxing background music whilst enjoying dinner table banter, or your favourite dance music for treading the boards later in the night.

The Outdoor Theatre Room is also a great retreat when you want to catch the game, but it’s too nice to be indoors. When the sun goes down and the barbie’s fired up, an outdoor cinema for your friends and family will make your house the perfect destination. That could be a problem … but what a great problem to have!

Facelift for homes will take care of the whole project for you from design, drafting and permits to decking, paving, electrical and plumbing works.  Each structure is unique in design, built to your exacting specifications. If you have an idea and would like an idea on the dollars, call us for an appointment with one of our design consultants to help find the alfresco living solution for you!

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Let Us Bring Your Dream to Life

If you’re ready to change your home into a new, beautiful space, get in touch with Facelift for Homes! Call us on 1300 732 523 to discuss your project. We’re excited to get to work on making your home uniquely yours with a one-of-a-kind, comfortable alfresco room.

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