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Merbau decking is a favourite choice in Australia for decking projects because of its excellent durability – with regular maintenance and upkeep, you can expect your decking to last for 15 to 20 years.


ODL 018

Merbau is more durable than most other timber used to make outdoor decking and furniture due to the combination of its unusual density and strength. These attributes result in minimal shrinkage, resistance to insect damage and rot, and great performance in extreme weather conditions.

Merbau heartwood is a beautiful orange-brown colour when first cut and it reddens and darkens as it ages. The sapwood is white, buff or pale yellow in colour and often throws out small gold or yellow flecks throughout the grain which enhances it’s natural appeal.   Merbau timber is a highly versatile product with a grain that is usually wavy or interlocked and a coarse, but even, texture.  As a long lasting tannin-rich hardwood, Merbau is an easy timber to work with for cutting and fastening.  With regular care and maintenance Merbau decking can be kept looking as good as new for years to come.

ODL 019

Merbau timber been used extensively in Australia for decades and is now trusted as a proven, reliable material, whether oiled or left to weather naturally and is perfect for decking, steps, features and screens. Merbau decking is one of our customers’ most popular choices in narrow or wide boards (90mm or 140mm) depending on your preference.

Our Merbau decking is FSC certified and purchased from retail partners of the WWF Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN), an organisation established to end illegal logging and unacceptable timber practices.

Facelift for Homes can help you design the perfect outdoor space that will flow naturally from your internal living area. Limited only by your imagination, we can achieve different levels, directional flow, feature planters and clever storage ideas for barbecue or gardening tools, even integrated daybeds that double as cushion storage.

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We take care of every aspect of your decking project including Drafting & Permits so all you have to do is sit back and relax!

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