Spending Your Tax Time Dollars Wisely

Spending Your Tax Time Dollars Wisely

Nobody was ever on their death bed saying “I wish I saved more money”

But, plenty have said “I wish I spent my money more wisely

We’re coming into that time of year when a good portion of us get a little gift the government in the form of ‘tax back’. For us here at Facelift Window & Door Replacements it’s a time of year when the phone rings off the hook with enquiries from people with a few more bucks in their back pocket.

It stands to reason to spend your tax back wisely instead of blowing it on the usual junk, because not only are you investing in your property, but you’re reaping the benefits of your tax back day after day with some stunning new windows, or perhaps some marvellous bi-fold doors. There are literally a million other ways to spend your money on your home and garden, to find out, click here


Window & door installation is a time consuming process but with our all inclusive packages from permit to clean up, those few extra tax-time dollars are sure to go a very long way. Have a look at our range of double glazed windows options which are especially popular during the colder months.

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