Spotted Gum Decking

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Spotted Gum decking is a popular choice of hardwood because of it’s strength, density, durability, termite and fire resistance.


ODL 023

The versatility of Spotted Gum has seen a surge in its popularity in recent years with applications such as Boardwalks, feature bridges and Pedestrians in native wildlife reserves, resort paths and overpasses for golf carts and other light vehicles, inner-city parks, even loading docks and Grandstands – yep, it’s pretty tough stuff!

Spotted Gum is a common Australian Eucalypt which is native to the east coast and one of four species of timber that grow in the region. For the true ‘boffins’ its other names include Eucalyptus Maculata, Corymbia Citriodora, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Corymbia Henryi and Eucalyptus Henryi – we just like Spotted Gum.

We like it because Spotted Gum Decking is easy to say, it’s a great hardwood to work with and it’s plantation grown right here in Australia!

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The fact that it’s naturally termite-resistant, has fire retardant properties and is sustainably managed (AFS Certified) just ticks all the boxes for us.  We also found out recently that, without treatment, Spotted Gum is suitable for use in bushfire prone areas up to BAL 29, as set out under Australian Standard AS3959; now that’s peace of mind!


We think you’ll like it because it looks great and has naturally amazing colour variations with few imperfections in the timber itself.  It’s low in tannin so there’s little leeching or ‘bleeding’ and, being a high density hardwood, there’s way less shrinkage or movement.  Spotted Gum has a good natural oil content is very receptive to stain and oil so you’ll spend less time working on your deck and which means more time living on it!

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Just in case you skipped to the end: Spotted Gum is an Australian hardwood, plantation grown and Australian Forestry Certified, naturally Termite and Fire Resistant, native to the East Coast and therefore ideally suited to Melbourne’s fickle climate!

We take care of every aspect of your decking project including Drafting & Permits so all you have to do is sit back and relax!

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