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We won’t lie: you can tell the difference between Trex® and timber – Trex Decking is hassle-free!


By virtually eliminating maintenance, Trex Decking will save you time and money and still look brand new in 25 years’ time!

Time with family is a precious commodity these days so spending weekends and holidays on maintenance chores trying to rejuvenate an old timber deck is not and appealing prospect for many of us. Just the thought of scrubbing, pressure-washing, sanding, re-staining or oiling and re-fixing nails or screws makes us want a holiday.

Trex decking saves you all that hassle and more – no splinters, warping, twisting, stubbed toes or unpleasant language. The long-term cost savings of Trex are huge, and benefits to the environment are many. Debris cleans away quickly and easily with a bit of soap and water, so requires no costly cleaners, sealants or chemicals. Trex is made with 95% recycled timber and plastic making for eco friendly-decks and contributing to a healthier environment.

Fancy a barbecue, here’s what we like to call “One with the Lot” as it gave Facelift for Homes the opportunity to put all our talents to work.  The spec was to increase this family’s outdoor entertaining area and to create a more functional flow from the inside.

  • Trex “Tiki Torch” Deck
  • Colorbond Verandah
  • Aluminium Awning Windows
  • Timber Bifold Doors
  • Drafting & Design
  • Building Permits

Facelift for Homes took care of the whole project including drafting, design and building permits. We removed old sliding doors (left) and custom-made and installed our ever popular aluminium awning windows. Then we removed the windows (right) and extended the height to accommodate the beautiful new timber bifold doors. Finishing with the new Trex® Deck and Colorbond® Verandah has left this family in a very happy place!

The textured timber-grain finish of Trex decking has great visual appeal and it’s ease of care will see you spend less time on maintenance and more time on relax-enance (okay so we just made that up!).

ODL 030

Trex decking is UV, scratch and scuff resistant so rearranging your furniture, playing fetch with the dog or cricket with the kids won’t be a problem.

Trex makes the perfect Party Deck too! Wine spills and barbecue drips won’t stain your beautiful new Trex deck, just a bit of detergent and a hose down it’ll be good as new. In fact, in 25 years Trex® will still be as good as new maintaining its vibrant colour and luxurious finish through rain, hail or shine.

Ever cut your foot on a nail that’s popped up through your decking? That won’t happen with a Trex Deck – its unique patented fixing system means nails and screws can’t pop up and bite you when you least expect it. The very clever screw-clamp system is also extremely aesthically pleasing with no holes interrupt the clean grain lines in the boards or to collect dirt and debris.

Trex® is also resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture, and will never split, rot, crack or need painting. Trex® has been tried and proven in America’s most extreme weather conditions, so there’s no doubt it will stand up to our Melbourne heatwaves.

ODL 031
ODL 032

 The material itself is very pleasing for humanity – 95% recycled timber and plastic. Trex® eco-friendly composite decks have been around for more than 20 years, long before the world got fair dinkum about looking after the environment.

Facelift for Homes is proud to be working with Australia’s leading recycled plastic manufacturer Replas in promoting Trex eco friendly-decks and contributing to a healthier environment. Trex® is a hugely popular composite decking material in the USA and is fast catching on here in Australia.
For the environmentally curious, the Replas website has a wealth of information on composite decking and recycled plastics as cost-effective and sustainable timber alternative. For your further reference, the Trex Decking Australia website also has some helpful environmental and technical data.

As with all our Outdoor Living Solutions, we can take care of the whole project for you including design, drafting and permits.  These are no ordinary projects and are quoted individually so give us a call to book a visit by one of our design consultants to help find a Trex® solution for you!

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