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In Australian culture, nothing compares to an evening outside with friends and family enjoying good food and drinks on a balmy summer’s night.



In Melbourne, of course, it’s a very different story as the balmy night so quickly turns to a tropical deluge and we’re running for cover!

Building a verandah will ensure your outdoor living area is both sun-smart and summer-storm-smart so you can maximise your outside time.

Many homeowners wanting to upgrade their outdoor space come to us for a solution that will increase their living area, provide a bit of UV protection in the summer months but allow ample sunshine and natural warmth when the weather’s cooler.



Two of our most popular roofing solutions are Colorbond® and Laserlite® which work really well together to achieve the perfect combination of light and shade.

Creating an undercover outdoor entertainment area will also add value to your home and be the perfect venue for family gatherings, and kicking back with friends.

ODL 003

ODL 036



Solarspan® is another great choice where an insulated roof is needed and is perfect for low pitch flat patio roofs.

Solarspan® roofing combines Colorbond steel roof, superior insulation and ceiling panels which can be installed in long, unsupported spans. It provides optimum comfort and high performance insulation for verandahs, patio roofs and alfresco rooms.


Adding a carport to your home is not just about protecting your vehicles from the elements. A great design will complement the style of your house and make your home more functional!

A well-designed carport can double as an undercover outdoor entertainment area to handle ‘guest overflow’ for your bigger events, or a protected outdoor play area – ideal equally for water fights as for table tennis or cricket without sunburn!

You need to be confident that your new carport will stand up to the elements and offer all the design flexibility you need; our highly qualified professional installation team will work with you to achieve the look and functionality you’re after.

ODL 003

In designing any roofed structure, it’s important to keep in mind that Council requirements vary considerably.  Some will permit relative freedom in design choices, whilst others will demand that materials and finishes, particularly for carports, match the existing home exactly.  The guidelines common to all Councils are those pertaining to boundaries and setbacks. As registered builders, we can answer most of your questions in this regard and ensure that your structure is safe, sound and compliant.

Our innovative design team will help you create your ideal verandah, patio or carport to suit your home, your lifestyle and your budget. Our dedicated Customer Support team will take care of the mechanics of your project including the permit application process navigating the confusing world of Council Planning and Building Codes.


Facelift for Homes is your ‘one stop shop’ for Outdoor Living Solutions. We co-ordinate all trades including tiling & paving, electrical and plumbing works, rendering, painting, plastering – everything you need to create your ideal outdoor living space.

Every Verandah, Patio, Carport, Gazebo and Pergola is unique in design and built to your exacting specifications.
If you have an idea and would like an idea on the dollars, call us for an appointment with one of our design consultants to help find the Outdoor Living Solution for you!

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