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Awning Window Replacements Melbourne

Awning windows are among the most popular in Melbourne for ventilation and security. At Facelift for Homes, we supply and install this sturdy and versatile window for clients across the city.

Opening effortlessly from the bottom, awning windows allow continuous airflow, catching the slightest updraught whilst offering protection against our passing summer squalls. The wind-out mechanism closes the window securely to provide superior resistance to the cold during winter and preventing rattling, squeaking and whistling in a gale! They are particularly effective with evaporative cooling, allowing the windows to be locked in an open position for ventilation.

Manufactured and installed to our exacting standards, our modern wind-out windows blend aesthetically with traditional styles, offering maximum design flexibility with single and multi-pane options. A range of features which can be neatly integrated include double glazing, Low E, “Hush” glass, insect screening and the choice of standard or lockable winders. As with all our products, our wind-out windows use quality hardware and deliver clean lines without unsightly fixings.

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Replacing Timber Bathroom Windows with Aluminium

Old rotting bathroom windows with the mesh vents are really cold in winter and, if you can’t open them, just downright unpleasant. Aluminium awning windows offer superior security compared with timber (especially rotten timber!) and they never have to be painted. They can be opened for ventilation when required which reduces the incidence of mould in bathrooms, and can be key locked for added security on the blind-side of your home. As with all our windows, flyscreens are included.

About this project:

This kind of project is typically completed within 4-6 hours including rubbish removal and site cleanup at end of works. Inside you’ll have new architraves, caulking, keyed locks and flyscreens. Outside we run a sealant around the windows and finish with matching trim. As a guide, little windows like these were around $1600 each custom-made and installed as part of the overall project.

Aluminium Single Lite Lowlite with Low Transom

A great example of the 1970’s style tall skinny window with a thick rail right in your eye-line! This timber window style is one we replace often with aluminium – mostly as timber is costly and time-consuming to maintain. Switching to aluminium with our custom-designed low transom will save you time and money. Lowering the transom (or chair rail) means you’re not looking at it when sitting in your favourite chair enjoying the view. Complete with lockable winder and flyscreen you’ll always feel safe and secure in your home.


About this project: 

This was one of 5 windows we did across a house-front which took the whole team a full day including rubbish removal and site cleanup at end of works. All that was left to do was a bit of painting around the new architraves and reveals; yes we cleaned the glass before we left. Custommade and professional installed, a single glazed window like this will be around $2K (double glazed around $2,750). Note we don’t do just one at a time: more windows = better value for money.

Aluminium Corner Windows

Another great example of bringing the seventies into the noughties by changing timber to aluminium. Another popular trend in the 1970s was the arch effect at the top of the window. It’s super expensive to get glass replaced when the footy goes through it, for starters! When the frame starts to rot, costly repairs will always end up a waste of money when the whole thing rots out and has to be replaced anyway. This client decided to go square and modern for more light, clearer views, better ventilation (painted shut!) and more time with the family via less time bogging and painting. Our double-glazed aluminium awning windows complete with flyscreens and locking winders have made a huge difference for temperature and noise.


About this project: 

As part of a complete houselot, this corner window cost around $7K custom-made and installed including matching corner cover to hide the support post. The whole project was completed over 2 days (after 12 weeks of manufacturing the new windows) including clean up and rubbish removal at the end.

Before And After Corner Window Installation — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC
Lowlite Aluminium Windows Installation — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC

Timber Colonial Style Replaced with Aluminium Awning Windows

Colonial bars can make you feel caged in – aluminium awning windows let in more light and give you an enhanced sense of space. Painting and maintenance of timber framed colonial windows is difficult and very expensive. They can be great to look at but often awful to look through. We spend a good deal of time removing old timber colonial windows and replacing them with beautiful big panes of glass and nomaintenance powder-coated aluminium frames. The cost of replacing colonial windows like-for-like is a very expensive proposal; plus they’re really cold in winter and hot in summer with thin glass and often leaking and draughty.


About this project: 

Old timber colonial windows were removed, all the rotten framing was replaced and the new aluminium awning windows were professionally installed with new architraves on the inside and trim on the outside for weatherproofing and aesthetics. A window like this (on it’s own) double glazed will cost around $3K professionally replaced. We also removed and reinstalled the outside blinds at no extra charge.

Changing Double-Hung Sash Windows to Aluminium Awning Windows

The cost to replace old timber double-hung windows these days is huge so many clients are opting to switch to quality aluminium awning windows. Unless you have a heritage home, double-hung windows don’t actually add value or character. As with any timber window, they’re expensive to maintain and impractical for Melbourne’s fickle weather. Aluminium awning windows are a smart choice for both ventilation and security and available in both single or double glazing as suits the budget. They’re also lovely to look through with no transoms or rails to interrupt your view.


About this project: 

The 3 Lite aluminium window with two opening sashes (complete with key lock winders and flyscreens) cost around $3.5K custom-made and professionally installed. Works included removal and disposal of the existing windows, removal of all rotten timbers, reframing, fitting of new internal architraves and took about 4 hours.

Custom Designed Feature Windows in Aluminium

An old rotting timber window was beautifully transformed into two aluminium awning windows and a large central picture window.

Sometimes paint and filler just won’t save an old window and, when you’re sitting inside looking out, the deterioration is almost all you notice! In this project we wanted to showcase the inside and outside views (rather than before and after) to see the difference a custom designed window can make to your home. Sitting in a chair looking at a transom is annoying, but with our larger awning window panes and feature picture window in the centre, you get a perfectly clear view through the beautiful big panes of glass.


About this project: 

A budget of around $6.5K transformed the look of this loungeroom with the beautiful feature garden views. The window was custom-designed to suit the house and carefully installed by our professional team of carpenters, glaziers and caulkers. 10 weeks to make and 4 hours to install, the result was magnificent.

Custom Aluminium Windows for Beautiful Views

New design aluminium double glazed awning windows with large picture windows completely transformed this home. The original 1950s double hung windows no longer opened and the room was stifling, plus the view to the delightful patio area and the bay in the distance was partially obscured. We designed the new windows specifically to maximise the view. The new full lite awning windows complete with ‘barely there’ flyscreens and keyed locks have created better ventilation, better views and better security. The double glazing has reduced the noise and made the room more comfortable both in winter and summer.


About this project: 

This type of window will cost around $3.5K single glazed or $4K double glazed, including installation and removal and disposal of old windows. They take about 8-10 weeks to make and around 3 hours each for professional installation and finishing.

Timber Awning Windows

Our beautiful Victorian Ash timber awning windows showcase the beauty of natural timber.

Our client has a beautiful home with many timber features throughout and particularly wanted a natural timber finish on the inside, but the ability to paint and seal the outside in another colour. We’ve included inside-outside views in this photo so you can see how beautifully the timber frames the garden outside. As with all our windows, a flyscreen and keyed lock is included and you can barely tell there’s a flyscreen there at all.


About this project: 

Another of our custom-designed low transom windows which took 6 weeks to make and 4 hours to install, complete with hardwood internal architraves and external wind moulds and caulking for weatherproofing. Timber prices have been quite volatile since 2021 so best give us a call for indicative pricing for your project

Timber 3 Lite Lowlite Awning Window

Timber awning windows are a great choice if you have different indoor and outdoor paint colours.

This is a fairly typical sight we see with rotting sashes and sills in 1970s homes. Known as a 3-Lite Lowlite window it can have a centre opening sash or fixed centre and left and right opening sashes. We include sheer flyscreens as standard on all our windows together with locking winders, which will be keyed-alike when doing multiples across a houselot of windows. With our custom-made windows we can design and install any configuration you like to give an old home like this a fresh new set of windows.


About this project: 

The old window was carefully removed (the glass is very thin and brittle) and rotten subsill replaced and sealed. Inside was finished with new architraves and the headboards were in surprisingly good condition so no need to replace those. The internal and external blinds were all removed and reinstalled after the new windows went in. The timber awning windows are made from Victorian Ash and factory primed (undercoated) ready for painting. Call us if you have an old window like this that needs our attention!

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Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!

Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!