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Glass Sliding Doors Melbourne

Replace your old door with a new glass sliding door for your home. At Facelift for Homes, we supply and install top-quality doors for clients in Melbourne.

Glass sliding doors are a great solution when you’re trying to “keep up appearances”, contain the budget or work with a smaller doorway. They’re a brilliant space-saver, requiring zero swing space and a great alternative to hinged doors. For more information on our door replacements services, give us a call on 1300 732 523.

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Timber or Aluminium Sliding Doors

In many of the 1970’s homes, the timber sliding doors warp and rot over time and the old-style aluminium begins to corrode. Apart from being awkward to operate, they just look plain tired and no amount of replacing runners or puffing graphite onto the tracks will cure those sticky situations!

Facelift for Homes can give your home a brand-new look with options for sliding doors in timber or aluminium. Our products offer superior structural stability made from hardwood (Victorian Ash) or semi-commercial grade aluminium.

All our glass sliding doors are custom-made for your home using premium quality materials and fittings.

Our aluminium sliding doors are powder-coated in a range of standard colours to suit your existing or planned décor. The timber sliding doors can be installed raw (natural timber) or factory-primed, ready for painting. Facelift for Homes also offers a range of energy-efficient and noise-reducing options, such as double-glazing, Low-E and tinted glass.

Featured below are projects in Aspendale Gardens, Cheltenham, Rowville, Glen Waverley, Ashburton and Hawthorn. Click the button under the image for details and indicative pricing.

Timber to Aluminium Sliding Doors

More glass, less frame – that’s one of the great things about switching to aluminium. Also the lack of painting and general maintenance! You can see in the before photo the old doors are showing signs of age and some decent gaps between the sill and door. Being exposed to the elements (no verandah/roof) the doors had to be re-painted every two years.


About this project:

We removed the old timber sliding door, re-framed and built a new hob complete with waterproofing at the tiles’ edge then installed the new aluminium sliding door complete with new architraves on the inside. We included removal and re-fitting of the external shade blind too. The new doors took 8 weeks to make and a single day to install (including new internal architraves and external sealing and finishing). What to expect when budgeting? Around $4.5K all inclusive!

3 Panel Centre Opening Sliding Door

When old aluminium doors become hard to open and make that ear-piercing screeching sound – well, it’s just time to replace them.

This dear old 3rd storey apartment had raw aluminum frames that hadn’t had much love as was seen by the corrosion. The old door had almost seized shut, the tracks had ground down and the locks were past replacing. Cold in winter, boiling in summer the kindest solution was removal.


About this project:

In 8 weeks we manufactured and installed a 3 Panel centre-opening sliding door with semi-commercial grade aluminium and powder coated frames and double glazing. This was a bit tricky, being 3rd floor, as we manufactured, disassembled, carried the components up the stairs, remanufactured on-site and installed – that took about 6 hours. At a cost of just under $8K the owner is delighted with the end result, as well as having a function door and no more maintenance!

Aluminum Double Sliding Doors

Yes, Aluminium and Weatherboard DO mix! The Aluminium double sliding doors and picture windows gave this family room a whole new look and feel.

The old high-maintenance timber windows and doors were busy to look at and busy to operate with screen doors swinging out and French doors swinging in, there was a lot of wasted space. The fixed side windows and hilites withthin glass just made the room really hot in summer and freezing in winter. The new sliding doors completely solved those problems, plus the long picture windows not only maintained light but created useable space inside the room.


About this project:

We removed the existing structure, built stud walls and fitted new weatherboards, installed insulation and plasterboard, and completed inside with new architraves and cornices. Oh! And we manufactured the beautiful double sliding doors and windows (8 weeks) and professionally installed those as well. This project took two full days and on parting with $17K, our client was delighted with the finished result.

Window Conversion to Timber Sliding Doors

A window is often impractical to our modern needs, so a sliding door is the obvious solution. In this project, our client needed to keep the timber theme going throughout the house but was frustrated having to do a lap of the house from kitchen to barbecue area then back through the kitchen to the dining room. Makes you dizzy at the thought!

About this project:

We removed the old awning window, re-framed the space and installed a new timber sliding door in factory primed Victorian Ash. By the time we’d finished the new internal architraves, external seals and wind moulds, the barbie was fired up and the team was gratefully fed. Manufacturing lead time 8 weeks, installation time 8am – 4pm including site cleanup. Timber pricing is ridiculously variable at the moment so best to get in touch if you’re trying to work out your budget for a project like this.

Natural Timber Sliding Doors

It might look a bit plain, but we love natural Victorian Ash especially in a 3 panel sliding door on a raw brick wall and a timber deck.


About this project:

This was a straight replacement (if there is such a thing) of like-for-like only the old timber door was completely rotted out and boarded up – in fact it was so rotten, it was almost self-removing. The team got to work stripping everything back to the brickwork, re-framing and repairing as necessary. Having taken 8 weeks to manufacture, the new sliding door and sidelites were installed in just under 8 hours with minimal disruption to the homeowners and the site left beautifully clean and tidy.

3P Vic Ash Sliding Door — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC

Timber Double Sliding Doors

This unusual combination of colorbond painted brick and natural timber sliding doors just works. The old sliding doors were falling apart, the sill was ground down and rotten and water ingress was a concerning issue for this homeowner. Requiring a major overhaul we called in our waterproofing specialists to help us with this renovation. Facelift for Homes works with a number of trusted specialised trades including rendering, painting, glazing, caulking, paving, decking, electrical and plumbing.

About this project:

The team set to work at 8am and removed the old doors and frames, then built up a hob and sill ready for the waterproofing specialists. Our highly skilled carpenters then installed the new double sliding doors and sidelites, finished with new internal hardwood architraves and external windmoulds and were loading the trailers and sweeping up by 4pm. All in all, a great day’s work and a wonderful end result. Again, being timber, we’re not keen to note pricing here given the volatility of the market at present.

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