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Bifold Doors Melbourne

If you want to let Melbourne’s natural beauty into your house but also want to keep out the weather, outdoor bifold doors are a perfect choice. The bifold French doors fold in and pull back so you can let a breeze into your home during the warm months in Melbourne. They also keep the chill out in the winter without blocking natural light that keeps your home cosy and bright all year long.

At Facelift for Homes, we’re experts in recommending and installing the perfect bifold doors for Melbourne homes. We’re happy to assess your needs and find the perfect door in exactly the right size, shape and materials for your unique home and expectations.

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Bifold Doors for Indoor/Outdoor Comfort

Bifold doors are perfect for connecting your indoor space with your yard or garden. They let you create a luxurious outdoor space that can make your interior space feel bigger, and our licensed builders can structurally alter your property to accommodate for your new bifold door. If you want to enjoy Melbourne’s temperate summer nights but still keep the bugs out, we can do that too—our RetractAscreen keeps bugs out without destroying your view.

Our French bifold doors can also increase your home’s resale value. If you’re looking for ways to make your home stand out on the market, adding bifold doors is the perfect way to do so.

The team at Facelift for Homes has 40 years of experience improving homes across Victoria. We’re happy to bring that experience—plus our high-quality materials and detail-oriented craftsmanship—to your next home improvement project.

Custom Made Bifold Doors

We offer bifold doors in two materials: timber and aluminium. Both materials are durable, long-lasting and easy to care for. Look through the links below to see the price ranges, styles, colours and dimensions for our bifold doors.

If you have any questions, call us or fill out our online form. We’re located in Cheltenham, but we serve clients across the Melbourne area. Get in touch with us today to see how we can transform your home!

Contemporary Kitchen With Wooden Bifold Doors — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC
3 Panel Bifold Doors Installation — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC

Aluminium Bifold Doors​

Bifold doors are a great way to make a small room feel bigger.

The old sliding door and fixed windows didn’t quite give our client the access they wanted to their new alfresco entertaining area, so we designed this aluminium 3 Panel Bifold Door unit to solve the problem. With the single access door it is practical over the winter months for quick trips in and out, and able to be completely opened up in the warmer weather or when entertaining.


About this project:

The doors took about 10 weeks to manufacture and the complete replacement process was completed in a single day at a cost of $11.5K including framing, render-touch-up, caulking, site-clean up and rubbish removal.

Converting Timber Windows to Aluminium Bifold Doors

When you want to connect your indoor and outdoor dining spaces, Bifold Doors are the answer!

The atrium style extension on this weatherboard home had seen better days. The fixed windows were starting to rot and really just inhibited the view to the magnificent deck and pool area. We removed the fixed front windows and side awning window and replaced them with aluminum framed double-glazed bifold doors on the front, a fixed window on one side and a simple hinged door on the other. Now they have easy year-round access and can open up when entertaining to connect these gorgeous spaces.


About this project:

After 8 weeks manufacturing the doors, the team spent a full day removing the existing structure, re-framing, installing the new doors and windows and replacing the weatherboards. After the client finished painting, we came back to fit a RetractAscreen to keep the bugs out all within a budget of $22K. The client loved our work so much we’ve been invited back for Stage 2!

Before And After Doors And Windows Installation — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC
Before And After Bifold Doors Installation — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC

Structural Alterations for Aluminium Bifold Doors

When opening up a wall and installing bifold doors, it’s crucial to use a Registered Builder to get the right result.

Featured at the top of this page, you’ll see the spectacular views our client has over Port Phillip Bay which he couldn’t fully enjoy due to the busy French doors and side windows in the “before” photo. In addition, they felt a bit cut off inside-outside when entertaining. Being a structural alteration to the home, it was necessary to obtain a Domestic Building Permit including engaging the services of an Architect, Structural Engineer and Building Surveyor.

About this project:

Obtaining the Domestic Building Permit took about 6 weeks then we went off to manufacture the new aluminium bifold doors (together with other windows for the rest of the house!). Over three days our team removed the existing windows and doors, installed a new beam, completed cut-outs in the walls, installed plaster sheeting and the new doors. No-one likes to part with money, but with a $30K investment our clients were positively delighted with their improved views and new living spaces.

Converting a Window to Timber Bifold Doors

This house was just back-to-front for living so we turned the dining room window into bifold doors for easy access to the new deck.

The old sliding doors (left) were unnecessary for access between lounge and verandah, and the dining room window could only provide a view. It made sense to replace the sliding doors with a window, and put new bifold doors from the dining room to the deck. The timber bifold doors came up a treat giving easy access and, being undercover, clearcote sealant brought out the natural beauty of the victorian ash blending nicely with the polished boards inside and composite decking outside.


About this project:

As the doors were able to fit within the existing window width, we didn’t need a Domestic Building Permit. Brick cut-down, framing and internal plastering was completed within a day and the doors and windows were installed with a minimum of fuss. Should you have a project similar to this, we’d be happy to give you an indication on price; timber prices vary almost weekly!

Before Installation Of Bifold Doors — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC After Installation Of Bifold Doors — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC

Timber Bifold Doors & Servery

How’s this for “WOW”! Old steel windows and doors replaced with new timber to create the ultimate entertainment space.

This project pretty much had it all: Plumbing, electrical, brickwork, steelwork, drafting, engineering – a real Builder’s Paradise! With a plan to renovate the kitchen, render and completely modernise this old home, the client called us in for a Facelift. A bifold servery window crafted from Victorian Ash is beautifully complimented by the Tasmanian Oak sill and adjacent bifold doors, creating seamless access to the soon-to-be-built undercover alfresco area.


About this project:

Domestic Building Permit (including drafting and engineering) and Domestic Building Insurance cost just under $5K. Once we had the doors and windows made (8 weeks from permit approval) we set to work with our team of trusty carpenters builders and other services tradies and finished over three days at a total project cost of $30K. The old steel windows and door were removed along with the supporting brick walls, a new beam installed to support the roof, new internal plastering finished with hardwood architraves. All the rubbish was removed and the site left clean and tidy ready for the next phase of works to commence.

Timber Bifold Doors

We forgot to take a “before” photo here, but it’s always nice to just look at what timber bifold doors can do for a home.

Even in the cooler months when you don’t want to open up to the outdoors, bifold doors are practical with one door operating independently for ventilation or just easy in and out access. Come party season and suddenly you double your entertainment space. Timber is best used undercover protected from the elements to preserve it’s natural beauty and avoid discolouration and sunbleaching.


About this project:

Another structural alteration requiring Domestic Building Permit (including drafting and engineering) and Domestic Building Insurance which cost just under $5K. You can just make out the brickline where the new beam was installed and bricks re-layed. The flooring and paving was covered during works to protect it from our boots, and the merbau sill provides a lovely contrast to these fixtures. Variable timber pricing means we’re not keen to post dollars on this project!

Converting Aluminium Windows to Timber Bifold Doors

We just love a good structural job and removing this old bronze aluminium replacing with timber Bifold Doors was no exception.

A massive 6 Panel Bifold Door completely transformed this living-dining-alfresco space to a complete indoor-outdoor living solution. Having renovated their kitchen area it just didn’t quite have the sleek finish the client wanted to modernise their home for day-to-day and family entertaining. The bronze finish on the aluminum was a bit old-fashioned for the contemporary kitchen and living room design they’d chosen. Continuing the natural timber flow from the inside to the deck area, these timber bifold doors really gave it a lift.

About this project:

We organised the drafting, engineering, Domestic Building Permit, Insurances and made the Victoria Ash bifold doors over a period of 12 weeks. Our works entailed removal of the brick wall between the old window and door (using an electrician for minor wiring works), installation of a beam, installation of stud wall, blueboard and internal plasterwork complete with hardwood architraves. After an 8am start, the team were sweeping up and removing the rubbish around 5pm the same day all ready for the renderer to complete this and other areas in this delighted client’s home.

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