Durable Decking in Melbourne

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Our main focus has always been on bringing the outside in, but with a deck you can create the perfect flow from inside to outside!

You love to sit outside and bask in the warm, sunny days. But while your backyard has its merits, you may be looking for a visual and functional upgrade. A sturdy, beautiful deck can extend your living space to the outdoors, and it can boost your home’s value.

If you’re thinking of getting a deck, rely on Facelift for Homes in Melbourne. We can provide highquality decking that’s customised to fit your home and lifestyle.

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These days a deck is an almost essential addition to the family home. It increases your living area, makes outdoor living a pleasure and adds value to your home.

The choice of materials and finishes available today for your decking installation is greater than ever before making the final selection quite difficult.
Facelift for Homes offers you a stress-free solution for your new deck – we’ll guide you through the maze of options, do the design work and drafting, we can even take care of the building and planning permit application process for you.

Facelift for Homes can help you design the deck of your dreams – the one that makes your friends envious!


A feature deck creates a comfortable and attractive ambience to your home. Your decking installation can be done in just about any shape or size using materials of your choice to suit your taste, lifestyle and budget. Because the deck is custom-designed for you, we can incorporate your wildest fancy – a daybed under your favourite shady tree, a boardwalk from your gate to your front door, or stepped levels on your sloping block to showcase your landscape.

Some of our timber decking in Melbourne

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Resilient Decking Materials

To accommodate our Melbourne customers, we offer a wide variety of decking finishes and materials for you to choose from. Sometimes, having so many choices can seem daunting, but our helpful staff members will walk you through the options and help you choose so you don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated.
For the most part, we mainly use the three following decking materials:

  • Spotted Gum. Spotted gum decking works well in numerous climates and normally comes in soft textural variations and colours. The timber grain is fairly even, and the boards are 140mm wide.
  • Merbau. Merbau decking is as durable as the spotted gum decking, but the colours are richer and deeper. The grain is also dense and wavy, giving it a unique appearance. The timber widths can either be 90mm or 140mm.
  • Trex®. Trex® composite decking is a great option if you don’t want to maintain timber decking. Because it’s made from composite materials, it looks a lot like timber but doesn’t need nearly as much upkeep.

If you have any additional questions about our decking materials, feel free to ask.

Not a fan of the maintenance that goes with timber decking? A great alternative is Trex® composite decking which gives you the timber look without the hassle.


Trex® is very popular overseas and is rapidly establishing its reputation in Australia. We’re proud to have the opportunity to work with Australian distributor Replas who are committed to finding a solution to plastic waste and sustainable alternatives to traditional building materials.  Replas is enjoying great success with major projects in public spaces such as parks and gardens, playgrounds and schools using composite material for furniture, play equipment, boardwalks, pedestrian areas, etc

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Whether your preference is for natural timber or composite decking, even a combination of both, Facelift for Homes can help you create your dream deck.

High-Quality Services

Once you’ve chosen a material, we’ll carefully draft a design that works well with your home and your home’s style. And you don’t have to worry about the building and planning permits-we’ll take care of them for you. Of course, we also consider your budget and other preferences when designing a deck, and if you’d like your deck to have unique features, we can accommodate those too.

Call us today on 1300 732 523 to discuss your decking plans.

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