The Benefits of a Stacker Door vs a Sliding Door

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Whether you’re on a quest to build your new home or renovate your old one, any kind of construction will demand your attention on every detail and various designs that will affect the performance and overall aesthetic of your living space.

For instance, the type of door matters as it’s the first impression of your guests and neighbours. Not to mention, doors are viewed from both the inside and the outside of your home, which makes it an important feature in completing the style of your home.

Beyond serving as a visual point of interest, the most important purpose of a door is to withstand environmental factors like rain, hot sun, harsh wind, and be durable enough to hold off possible intruders. In that regard, there are two options for those who boast large entry and exit ways: stacker and sliding doors.

Many homeowners tend to interchange the two, but there are subtle differences that are essential to take note of when choosing the best fit for your home.

What is a Sliding Door?

Sliding doors are common in many homes and are typically used as an alternative entryway for patios, porches, or backyard gardens. It consists of two glass door panels with one having the ability to slide either left or right, while the other one is generally fixed, though some offer sliding doors wherein both panels can slide.

This provides a seamless motion for those who want to enter or exit your home and is a must-have for those who want to elevate your living space as it lets in a lot of sunlight into your home. On that note, if you’re looking for sunlit and breezy elements in your home, sliding doors are ideal for exactly that type of atmosphere.

You can also have a flyscreen sliding door installed to prevent any flies or other unwanted insects from entering your space; all while saving money on your monthly electricity bill as the use of natural lighting can greatly reduce the use of artificial lighting.

To that end, sliding doors are best used in homes with a tighter living space.

What is a Stacker Door?

Stacker doors are similar to sliding doors in a way wherein both allow additional light to enter your home as well as offers easy access to your outside space.

The difference, however, is that stacker doors offer a sense of control on the amount of air and opening you want to achieve.

This means that stacker doors can permit you to conveniently adjust the temperature of your home, whether it’s to create more heat on a cold night or more breeze on a hot day. It also offers a larger space for entertainment, allowing occupants to move in and out of the house freely.

Similarly, flyscreens or security screens can be attached as an added layer of protection against uninvited pests. Another benefit is that stacker doors have smaller panels that can be easily controlled. On that note, stacker doors are ideal for homes with larger space to entertain.

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Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!