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Professional Installation of Retractable Flyscreens in Melbourne

For quality retractable flyscreens in Melbourne, look no further than RetractAscreen by Facelift for Homes. Sunny days are so much sweeter when the fresh air comes in and the bugs stay out! But why a retractable fly screen? Simply put, when you’re not using it – you’re not looking at it!

Unlike conventional flyscreens or the bulky pleated retractable screens, RetractAscreen rolls neatly away into its aluminium powder-coated cassette when not in use. It’s unobtrusive, so it doesn’t spoil your view or steal your light, and it’s not a dust gatherer.

RetractAscreen is the perfect solution for bifold doors, stacker doors, as well as hinged or French doors. Our standard screen suits openings up to 2.4m high and 2.7m wide (or 5.4m wide in a dual screen system). The premium screen option is designed for larger doorways up to 3.3m high and 4.5m wide (or 9m for dual screens). At Facelift for Homes, we can replace doors, windows and flyscreens for clients across Melbourne. Get in touch with us on 1300 732 523.

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Window & Door Flyscreens

Got a kitchen servery or a window with a beautiful view you don’t want to spoil? RetractAscreen is brilliant for gaslift, casement, sashless, awning and bifold windows too! With the extensive knowledge of our expert designers and installers, you can have the perfect retractable insect screens fitted on your windows or doors.

RetractAscreen is available in residential and premium grades and can be customised to match your décor, lifestyle and budget requirements.

Our range of colours and mesh options are designed to help you and your family appreciate your indoor-outdoor experience without the creepy crawlies spoiling the party!

High Quality Retractable Flyscreens Melbourne

RetractAscreen’s retractable flyscreens are among the best on the market with choices of fibreglass mesh to suit your purpose. Plain mesh is the most popular choice for its sheer, almost invisible finish. The super fine weave of the midge mesh keeps the tiniest of bugs out. Invisi-stripe mesh has a subtle, horizontal weave that makes the screen more visible as you approach it, which helps to avoid collisions and expensive repairs. Tough mesh is more resilient if you have curious kids or four-legged family members and is fantastic for enclosing balconies and alfresco areas.

Our expert designers and installers can assess your doors, windows and alfresco to offer the best advice for retractable screens to suit. We know it’s a significant investment, but we also know the quality of our RetractAscreen – that’s why it’s covered by a product and workmanship warranty of up to ten years. You deserve the best for your home and our team of professionals will work hard to ensure you get it. We have 40 years’ experience keeping bugs out of Melbourne homes, so we know what we’re doing!

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Professionally Installed Retractable Flyscreens in Melbourne

At Facelift for Homes, we’re all about helping you find solutions. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider our RetractAscreen for your home:

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Options for retractable screens for your home are varied and they’re custom-made specifically to suit your windows or doors, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your décor.

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The beauty of retractable fly screens is that, when you’re not using them, you don’t see them. The sheer magnificence of RetractAscreens is their beauty when in use! You look through the screen, not at it, so it avoids creating a visual barrier and gives you that wonderful sense of openness and space.

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RetractAscreens are designed to handle frequent use in hot, humid and breezy conditions and the tough mesh option is a particularly good choice if you have nosey pets, curious toddlers or clumsy visitors!

Why Choose Us?

If you want a company that’s as passionate as you about achieving a practical and stylish solution for your home, you’re in great hands with Facelift for Homes! RetractAscreens, like all our products, are Australian made, built to last and professionally installed by our qualified carpenters. Our team of experts is on your side to ensure you get the best advice. If you want to learn more about our retractable screens, give our team a call today on 1300 732 523.

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Flyscreen Doors

Anyone who has spent time in Australia knows how hot the summers can be, and how many insects decide to appear! If you’re eager to protect your home from creepy crawlies and flying insects, retractable screen doors will do just the job. Preventing airborne debris and insects from getting inside, a retractable screen enables you to leave your doors wide open at any time of the day or night.

At Facelift for Homes, we deliver lifestyle renovations, window replacements and structural adjustments, so we know a thing or two about the best products on the market. With over 40 years’ experience and a dedicated team of in-house staff, we use only the best materials to deliver projects with exceptional quality.

Having tried and tested RetractAscreen, we know just how effective these retractable screen doors can be. In fact, we have them installed in our own properties! Made in Australia and custom-fitted for any door or window, RetractAscreen is perfect for residential homes and commercial properties. Instead of keeping your windows closed all summer or struggling with traditional fly screens, you can opt for budget friendly RetractAscreen retractable screens doors and enjoy the warmer temperatures without the annoyance of flies and insects.

How do Retractable Screen Doors Work?

Australian temperatures can be tough to cope with, so it’s vital you and your home are prepared for anything. Retractable flyscreens offer functionality, as well as a visually pleasing effect. Whether you want to throw your doors open and enjoy the fresh air, dine al fresco or create a relaxing outdoor environment, retractable screen doors will ensure you aren’t plagued by insects.

When not in use, retractable screen doors fit neatly into a small cassette. Affixed to your existing window fittings, the small cassette is barely noticeable and certainly won’t detract from your existing frames or surrounding décor.

As insects begin to appear, you can simply pull the door retractable screen across and create an insect-free environment!

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Retractable Flyscreens for Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a fantastic way to enjoy the long days and hazy summers, whether you enjoy the heat or not. With the option to have bifold doors stretching the entire length of your property, you can effectively open your house up and create the ultimate indoor/outdoor environment.

Of course, having such a large open space can leave you vulnerable to insects, so effective door retractable screens are a must. With custom RetractAscreens, your bifold doors can be complemented with an easyto-use retractable screen door, regardless of their size or shape.

Our RetractAscreen Premium range is the perfect solution for big openings up to 3300mm high and 4500mm wide with a single screen, or a whopping 9000mm with a dual screen system. We also have choices of high-impact rated meshes to mitigate accidental collision damage by tipsy visitors or large excitable canines!

All our screens are Australian made and custom sized to suit your doors to the millimetre. We have a range of standard Colorbond colours in the range, but can match just about any colour you need. Each screen is measured and quoted according to size and installation method, with RetractAscreen Premium Single screens starting at $2200 and Dual screens at $3300.

Retractable Flyscreens for Double French Doors

Double doors can easily be thrown open to let the fresh air in, which is why they’re so popular in Australian homes. More than a functional way to access your property, double doors can provide a great way to incorporate your alfresco or outdoor space into your living environment. If you want to leave double doors open and enjoy the warm weather, you’ll need to have effective flyscreens in place. Fly doors are a hassle as they just take up room, but the RetractAscreen Slimline is discreet and space-saving. Whether your double doors are standard-sized or have been custom-made, RetractAscreen will be made to your exact requirements.

Our skilled carpenters have solutions to ensure the sill track won’t create a tripping hazard, and that the components are a perfect match to your doors. The RetractAscreen Slimline is a great solution for doors up to 2400 high and 1800 wide, with a sheer lightweight mesh that won’t spoil your outlook.

RetractAscreen Slimline is all Australian made (even the screws!) in custom sizes and colours to suit your needs, starting at around $1800. Manufacturing lead time is generally around 4 weeks and installation takes 2-3 hours.

RSP111435A - French Doors (Active) RSP111435S-French-Doors-Stowed
RSP111667 - RSP Stacker Doors Active RSP111667 - RSP Stacker Doors Rolled Away

Retractable Flyscreens for Stacker Doors

Stacker Doors or Stacking Sliding Doors are fast becoming the most popular choice for Australian homes. With their ease of use, giant glass wall effect and huge opening, they offer great functionality and airflow until the bugs start coming in…

Whilst you may want to let the fresh air into your home, you probably don’t want the hundreds of insects that hitch a ride on the breeze. With RetractAscreen you can enjoy stress-free relaxation without the annoyance of creepy crawly critters, and still enjoy your beautiful view all year round.

Offering choices of Plain Mesh or the heavier duty Pet Mesh, this all Australian Made retractable flyscreen is the perfect solution for any family home. It takes about 6 weeks to make in standard Colorbond® colours and around 2-3 hours’ installation time.

Starting at around $2,200 installed, the RetractAscreen Premium represents great value for money when you consider the benefits of natural cool breeze versus fans and airconditioners and bug zappers. As with all our RetractAscreen products, it’s covered by a 5 year warranty against defects in product or workmanship.

Roll-Up Flyscreens

Entertaining family and friends, especially during warmer evenings, is one of life’s simple pleasures. But how often do bugs join the party? Thanks to our custom-made retractable flyscreens you can keep your servery window open with the fresh air and conversation flowing, and without flies invading your home.

RetractAscreen Slimline comes in both Roll-Up or Roll-Away configurations to suit any window type.

Casement windows have always proven a challenge for the old-fashioned framed fitted screens – a retractable screen is the ideal solution to this situation and can be fitted as Up-Down or Left-Right as suits your window.

Got double-hung windows or awning windows and a gorgeous landscape? RetractAscreen provides unhindered views by rolling up into it’s cassette when not in use, and rolling down to the sill when you’re enjoying the cool evening breeze.

Contact us to discard your dust-gathering flyscreens. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh air without fighting off mozzies!

Whatever your need, our Australian Made RetractAscreens and team of expert carpenters can provide a solution to your most tricky window configuration.

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RSS111240A - RetractAscreen Slimline Pull Down (Gas Strut Servery) RSS111240P - RetractAscreen Slimline Pull Down (Gas Strut Servery)

What We Do

We come up with solutions – that’s what we do!

Visit our Showroom or call our friendly team today with your window or door conundrum and let us guide you through the process – we can even give you ballpark pricing over the phone if you have your dimensions handy.

Once you’re happy with the solution, we’ll send one of our expert installers to do a site-visit, check measure and formal quote.

Manufacturing lead time is typically 6-8 weeks (standard colours) and installation takes between 2-3 hours per screen.

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Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!

Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!