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Double-Hung & Sashless Windows Melbourne

For window replacements, contact Facelift for Homes! We can supply and install stunning double-hung windows for clients in Melbourne. The timeless elegance of the double-hung window has made it one of the most popular window choices for Victorian, Edwardian and period style homes. This includes the humble California bungalow – probably the most popular property style in Melbourne in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Ideal for these traditional homes, the timber, double-hung window provides the ultimate ventilation control, allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom or both sashes together. The sashless window is a joy to look through, giving a modern rendered home an edgy look with its clean lines and clear views. In both cases, our high-quality jambliner system enhances the smooth and distinctive vertical sliding action of a double-hung window, allowing sashes to be removed for cleaning and routine maintenance.

The sashless double-hung windows are fantastic as a space-saving solution where protrusion over walkways, decks or pergolas is an issue or for small rooms such as the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. They are available in timber and aluminium, providing excellent security for your family, structural resilience and weather protection for your home.

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Restoring Your Home to Traditional Double-Hung Windows

Awning windows on older homes just don’t scream “tradition” like Double-Hung windows.

Due to the cost of double-hung windows, many homeowners have opted for the less expensive awning or sliding option but at the expense of the character of the house. Returning to the traditional style not only restores the character, but can actually add value especially in a heritage overlay situation. Timber Double-Hung windows are great for insulation, noise reduction and ventilation but sometimes it’s just a case of maintaining the architectural integrity of the period home.


About this project:

Timber double-hung windows take up to 10 weeks to manufacture with traditional fixtures such as sash horns and box frames to replicate the true style. Choices of jambliners, counterbalance, cord & weight and spiral balance mechanisms are available to suit your budget and preferences (and any heritage restrictions imposed). As with all our timber windows and doors, it requires a measure and quote for custom-made and installed windows. As a guide, something like this is likely to set you back around $7000

Timber Double-Hung Windows Conversions

Most homes in the 1930-1950s era were built with either steel casement windows or double-hung windows, either way it’s a Character Statement.

After many years, the steel rusts out and can no longer be repaired. The damage to brickwork during the removal process adds costs, the expense of getting new steel windows manufactured these days is downright frightening. Designing timber double-hung windows in the traditional style then replacing them using our partial-replacement method is a little less terrifying.

About this project:

Our partial replacement method leaves the steel frame within the walls so no need fork out for masonry repairs. The glass is carefully removed and the frames cut out, then the surfaces prepared for the new windows. We manufactured the new windows over 10 weeks using Victorian Ash and double-glazing with complete with sash horns and heritage bar detail in keeping with the period of the house. Internal carpentry included new hardwood architraves matched to the existing features and external sealant and windmoulds. All rubbish was removed and the site left clean and tidy ready for the painters to come in and finish – all in a day’s work.

New Timber Double-Hung Windows

Restore your home to its former glory with traditional custom-made double-hung feature windows.

In spite of careful painting and maintenance, over time the double-hung windows developed rot and the cord and weight mechanism eventually gave out. Continuing to spend money on repairs ultimately becomes false economy when you add up the costs of multiple repairs and restorations versus starting over. Custom made timber double-hung windows in an exact match to the original 1920s style restored the look and feel of this beautiful art deco style home.

About this project:

It took our team a single day to remove the rotted windows and framing, install the new custom-made Victorian Ash double hung windows with fixed centre panel box frame and heritage bar detail. The windows themselves were carefully crafted (8 weeks to manufacture) with new jambliner open/close mechanism rather than the extraordinarily expensive cord and weight system used in early 20th century windows. The team also replaced the internal architraves with period-style moulded hardwood to create the traditional look from the inside. Pricing for this kind of project is strictly POA

Double-Hung Windows with Fixed Sash — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC
Before And After Double Hung Windows Installation — Windows And Doors in Cheltenham, VIC

Double-Glazed Timber Sashless Window Install

Letting in more light and creating a seamless view of the outdoors is easy with sashless double-hung windows.

The original configuration of the windows was a bit ‘ho hum’ and surprisingly dark and stuffy for this small study area. Running a full height fixed panel with adjacent sashless double-hung window was just the ticket to improve the visual experience to the secluded courtyard/ entrance way. Replacing the old wind-out window with a sashless doublehung also removed the obstacle created by a protruding window at the steps of the front entry to the house. Improving ventilation is difficult in a sheltered courtyard location, so sliding the sash up for air is a breeze.


About this project:

Manufacture of the new custom-designed sashless double hung window took about 4 weeks. Our team of professional carpenters set about removing the old window and framing, and installing the new hardwood unit complete with natural timber architraves over a period of 4 hours. Being double-glazed it would have been impossible to lift into place so the frame was installed and then double-glazed onsite for a magnificent end result.

Double-Glazed Aluminium Sashless Double Hung Windows

Removing the old awning windows and clunky sliding doors created a sleek modern look to the stunning courtyard sculpture.

Our client’s courtyard was surrounded by doors that were unnecessary and impractical for their lifestyle. By replacing one set of doors with a virtual glass wall – the combination of fixed and sashless double-hung windows – they have created more room inside for the couch and kept the visual connection to the courtyard garden. The sashless double-hung window also solved the ventilation issue by allowing easy airflow without the need to have a door wide open.

About this project:

The lead-time was about 8 weeks from order to install, and the team spent a full day on removal and replacement. A was a bit tricky so it was necessary to bring the components to site in knock-down form, remanufacture and install and glaze on-site. The old frames and glass were carefully removed so as not to damage the internal square-set plaster or external render. The new semi-commercial aluminium frames were then installed, sealed and caulked. Last of all the double glazed panels were installed into the frames. As an idea for budgeting, a project like this costs around $9K all custom-made and professionally installed, including rubbish removal and reinstallation of window furnishings!

Aluminium Double-Hung Windows

Love double-hung windows but not the maintenance? Aluminium double-hung double-glazed windows could be your solution!

Our clients loved the open-ness and ventilation of double-hung windows but were really tired of the constant need to paint the frames and adjust the old cord and weight counter balance mechanisms. They love being able to open the windows wide for airflow and were changing the external colour scheme of the house so they selected our double glazed aluminium frames powder coated in monument. They opted for the wide centre window for and tinted glass for daytime privacy.

About this project:

Manfacturing lead-time was 10 weeks for the entire houselot and we had our team of expert carpenters and our resident registered builder on site for 3 days. The old windows were removed throughout with new hardwood internal architraves and extruded aluminium external architraves for maximum visual effect. This project also required replacement of several weatherboards that had seen better days which our team was happy to include in the scope of works. For guidance this double-glazed 3-Lite Double Hung window was around the $6K mark custom-made and installed. Being a houselot, this project was subject to a formal Domestic Building Contract and Domestic Building Insurance so fully compliant with current Victorian Building Regulations.

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Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!

Special “Winter Warmer” Double-Glazing Promotion On Now – Visit our Showroom at 58/148 Chesterville Road Cheltenham, or call 9532 2727 for details!