Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are a hidden gem at Facelift Window and Door Replacements.


When people visit our Cheltenham showroom on Chesterville Road they’re often surprised that such a versatile window exists.

Looking more like a mini-door than a window, Casement Windows are perfect for directing breeze into your house when that welcome cool change hits. Just wind the handle out on a 90 degree angle and let mother nature do the rest!  When the inevitable storm hits, simply wind the handle back and it folds neatly away into its specially designed socket.

It’s ability to boost visibility through its unobstructed glass panels is means light and view are available all year round. If you’re looking to add a certain something to your balcony or bathroom, Casement Windows can be a great solution.

Casement Windows

Operable and Energy Efficient Windows

As with any window there lies a certain onus on the owner in terms of maintenance. With spare-time seemingly becoming less and less available in today’s busy world, maintaining a set of windows may be low on your priority list.

Luckily Casement Windows are one of the easiest windows to maintain due to their unparalleled accessibility.  As shown in the tutorial above featuring our boss Peter Wishart, step ladders and extension mops are not needed to clean the full face of the glass. We’ve made the process as simple as possible to allow our customers to enjoy our products rather than fear their upkeep!

Energy efficient and operable, Casement Windows are the perfect choice for the upcoming Australian summer.

Combine them with a set of our unique RetractAscreens and you’ll be laughing!

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