Different Styles of RetractAscreen

Different Styles of RetractAscreen

Here at Facelift Window and Door Replacements we’ve developed different styles of RetractAscreen.

Many Australian summers have left us with an unparalleled knowledge in the area of retractable insect screens. Let’s go through a few different types!

An excellent way to keep the harsh Australian sun out of your outdoor entertaining area or living room is the Sunblock RetractAscreen. It fits into a very small cassette and filters the sunlight acting also as a discreet insect barrier.  The Sunblock RetractAscreen  has a sun-detection ability which reduces sunlight passing through the mesh and keeping the area significantly cooler. Perfect for those warmer months.

Check out Pete displaying the effectiveness of the Sunblock RetractAscreen below. (Also note that he has them installed in his house, so you know they must be good!)



Our unique Invisi-Stripe mesh has also been developed to prevent people from walking into a RetractAscreen. We all know how easy it is to walk into a fly-screen when the lighting isn’t great…  so we created Invisi-Stripe mesh with fine horizontal lines at intervals across the mesh.  As you approach, you become visually aware of an obstruction but it’s barely discernible when sitting back and taking in the view.

Even with our standard mesh, as the breeze moves the mesh itself  you become aware the RetractAscreen is in use and thus avoid walking head-first into it! Although a simple idea, it’s an extremely effective one.

Still need a bit more information?

Well, our compact slimline cassettes are specially designed to blend into your existing window and door frames, and the screens themselves are custom made and can be retrofitted to everything from French Double Doors to Servery Windows.

A single screen can be extended to three meters, and a dual screen can be fitted up to 5.8m.

Still need more?! Our RetractAscreen website has some really useful information including operational and maintenance videos.

Give us a call on 1300 732 523 today or visit us in our Cheltenham Showroom.

We’ll sort out your entertaining area or living room just in time for Summer!


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